The Posse

Laidee “The Lady” Williams-Kane (pronounced Kahn)
Editor/Head Lady in Charge/Administrator

The Lady is an academic to a fault. She makes all the necessary connections to make an idea a reality and nothing, absolutely nothing, is posted on BeautifulBlack without her final stamp of approval. As a Portland native she knows the many,many, many Black families, businesses, organizations and people who contribute to Portland being beautiful and Black. Unfortunately, Laidee is leaving in a few short months to add another advanced degree to her collection…


Okay, if it weren’t for Byrd none of the stories you see on BeautifulBlack would be here, for real! She’s a Portland native born and raised in the thorny City of Roses. We don’ t know how she does what she does we’re just glad she does it!  Byrd has this knack for finding some of the most unique stories and ideas. She’s one of those people who will stay up for three days straight researching one thing. She’s also very private so we better not say much more…Oh, one more thing. We’re hoping Byrd replaces Laidee as editor, jus’  putting it out there…

Kayla The Intern
Intern (Kayla too, is a Portland native)

My name is Kayla Tatum and I’m a student, journalist and fashion model. I am currently attending Portland State University, majoring in Communications and minoring in Advertising. I am a sports writer for the Vanguard newspaper at PSU and also an interviewer for PSUtv “Sports Rewind.” In the future, I plan to pursue a career in the sports and entertainment industry. I am excited to be part of the team for, stay tuned for what’s to come.