The Man Behind The BEENIE Man

Beenie Man Cometh! Monday April 7th, 2014 beginning at 8pm at the TAO Event Center, 631 NE Grand Ave. Get tickets at The Caribbean Spice Market, 4526 NE 42nd as well as online. Tickets are $30. Got Questions? Call 503 915 8335.

Portland’s Caribbean scene is heating UP! The man behind this warm front is none other than Regis. Regis, that’s all. Originally from Grenada, aka The Spice Island, at the age of 12 Regis moved to Brooklyn, NY. Brooklyn’s thriving Caribbean culture made a young Regis feel as though he never left home. A musician himself, Regis grew up playing drums for his church. A true lover of music his favorite artists include Bob Marley(of course), Beres Hammond, Gregory Isaac, Peter Tosh and a host of others. When he got a bit older Regis needed a change, new challenges and a new environment. Following in the footsteps of his friends, he moves to Atlanta, Ga. This is where he gets his toes wet in the pool of promoting. He enjoys it so much, he dives in!

Fast Forward, Regis currently works as a promoter here in Portland. As a promoter, he oversees it all from the signing of contracts to the start of the show and everything in between. Promoting is very hands on and fortunately for Portland Regis has his hands all over making sure Beenie Man comes to town. As the owner of Regis Caribbean Entertainment, his aim is to bring the Caribbean vibe, culture and food to the City of Roses. He feels Portland is ripe because the Caribbean community here, compared to other major cities, is small and tight. Regis uses this to his advantage and to further his goal of spreading One Love, Getting Together and Feeling All Right.

Last Saturday, Beautiful Black attended a Regis event, it was so necessary. Regis hosted a Caribbean food tasting/Seattle–Portland link up. 5 DJ’s from Seattle came down and turnt it! The party was crackin’ but the beauty of it all was the diversity of Black folks in attendance. There were people from the Caribbean, Africa, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Haiti and American born Black folks, it was so lovely. The food was so good and check it, the theme for the night, at least according to ZJ Redman(ZJ not DJ) from Seattle, was unity for prosperity. How you love that?

Last year Regis hosted three major events and every one sold out; a new years party, all white cruise and Valentines day celebration. In fact, one event was so far beyond capacity 30 people were asked to leave. In the near future, he hopes to open a much needed Caribbean restaurant right here in the City of Roses. He’s in the process of scouting a location.

Regis encourages everyone to come out to see the King of Dancehall, Beenie man himself. Satisfaction is guaranteed. As a veteran performer Beenie Man is a crowd pleaser, the ladies love him and his stage presence is undeniable. Be sure to purchase your ticket in advance for a show sure to sell out.

Beenie Man Monday April 7th, 2014 at the TAO Event Center 632 NE Grand Ave. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased at The Caribbean Spice Market, 4526 NE 42nd as well as online. Got Questions? Call 503 915 8335

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