The HOT Seat: Kelvin Hall

Depending on the circle you’re in, Kelvin Hall is either well known or not known at all. Of the four candidates running for Multnomah County Commissioner district 2, perhaps Kelvin Hall is the least recognized despite his years of political and community involvement.

He served as field organizer for representatives Lew Frederick, Chip Shields, former Mayor Tom Potter and Gov. John Kitzhaber. He worked as political advisor for Jim Hill and served as political and policy advisor to City Commissioner Amanda Fritz. Not to mention his advocacy around public education, police accountability and a lot of other issues. Don’t Sleep on Kelvin Hall.

It’s all so interesting…
Initially, Kelvin Hall agreed to an interview request with Beautiful Black. He later cites a previous commitment to only work with the Skanner and Portland Observer news groups. However, Kelvin did engage in a fairly lengthy conversation with a member of He shared his experience, insight and concern. He mentioned the potential of an independent board to govern the water bureau, why this election is of particular importance and how the current city wide voting structure presents obstacles to running for elected office.

Here’s the gag, the next day after informing Beautiful Black of his plans to only work with the Skanner and Portland Observer, Kelvin’s interview with the Oregonian posted on Oregon live! Ha!

In case you are like a lot of people who don’t know Kelvin Hall, we encourage you to get to know him. Kelvin has insight and perspectives worthy of debate. We dug up this old video of Kelvin in action doing what he does best, advocating issues he finds important. We did not find any information to support that Kelvin Hall is an attorney as noted in this video.


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