The HOT Seat: Incumbent Loretta Smith

Commissioner Loretta Smith knows the definition of underdog, she used to be one. In 2010, Commissioner Smith was given a mere 7% chance of winning her first race for County Commissioner Seat #2. Smith surpassed all and kicked some major political butt! In addition, her then opponents are now among her biggest supporters heading into her bid for a second term election.

During her first term, Smith created a youth summer jobs program and secured funding for Seniors. In addition, she made innumerous public appearances, she was everywhere. Commissioner Smith is well liked, all four colleagues on the county board endorse her, and for some folks this is a problem. True leadership inevitably ruffles some feathers, some time. Jim Moore Political Science Professor at Pacific University, recently states in an Oregonian article, “She hasn’t done anything that makes her stand out, but she also hasn’t done anything that raises questions about her,…” During one of the most controversial times in her district, the Trader Joe’s debacle,  Commissioner Smith decided to remain silent stating it wasn’t a priority. Visit incumbent Smith’s campaign here,

We reached out to Commissioner Smith and well…


In other words, Beautiful Black made several email attempts to interview Comissioner Smith. A brief exchange was had with her campaign manager Jerome Brooks but to no avail.


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