Quite Possibly Portland’s Best Hairdresser? Jus Askin

Quite arguably, Trina McCray very well could be the best hairdresser in the City of Portland, can we say that? Trina’s skills stand out from all the rest and she does it all; weaves, hair extensions, NATURAL HAIR, permed hair, hair maintenance/growth, cut, color, the list goes on.

In addition, she works on all hair types and all ethnicities. Oh, did we mention? she even barbers! When it comes to knowledge, skill and experience, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone with parallel ability. It may seem as though we’re being a little biased, we’re not. There are several hairdressers holding it down in the City of Portland. What we are saying is you won’t find anyone who does it quite like Trina. She has a noticeable style all her own and, well, that’s what makes Trina, Trina. She isn’t one of, she’s the one! To schedule an appointment with Trina you can find her on Facebook, call her directly at 503 754 3175 or send her an email, TrinaMcCray68@gmail.com

Trina McCray

Well, well, well, Ms. McCray, how are you doing?
Hello, I’m doing well.

This interview is a hard one. There are so many directions we could go–let’s start with hair. How long have you been a hair dresser and is that something you always wanted to do?
I’ve been doing hair professionally for 28 years.. Saying it out load sounds like such a long time!! Especially since I tell everyone that I’m 29 years old…lol I love doing hair, but my first dream was to Design and Style for Men. I was leaving to go to Brooks Fashion College in Long Beach, Cal. A couple of weeks before I was sceduled to leave, my mother asked me to stay and go to school for hair and when I finished I was to leave then. She said she didn’t want me to be a broke student. She wanted me to be able to support myself. So from there is where my Love for hair began.

Go down memory lane a lil bit, what was the hair industry like when you first started compared to now? How have things changed and how have they remained the same?
When I first started doing hair Black was not popular!! We know we’ve always had a sense of style but we weren’t featured in the fashion magazines; we were not in the forefront. But when Janet Jackson, Jody Watley, Sade and Whitney Houston came on the scene that’s when we started seeing more black people(at least here in Portland).When I would travel to New Jersey and New York I was able to see other trends, of course Portland was a little behind the time. Most of our trends at the time we’re coming out of the music industry opposed to  fashion magazines. Now, we see Black designers, bloggers, everyone is a stylist, so Fashion is so broad right now. The fashion culture is so very eclectic..everything is in right now. I say, as long as you are comfortable in your own skin…go for it..own it..make you and your style work for You!!!!

In your opinion, is social media good, bad or indifferent to the fashion industry? How?
I’ll take all of it!! The good, the bad and the indifferent!! Social media is good for getting fashion and the trends out to the people; the bad I would say are some of the stereotypes and negative images that we often times see. But the indifferent shows the free and creative side of fashion, hair and beauty. I say embrace all of it; make it fit and work for your lifestyle.

Let’s back up a minute, if we keep focusing on hair people will think that’s all you do. If you don’t mind, please share some of your talents beyond hair, like all of those delicious recipes on your Facebook page, make up, fashion and the meaning of beauty…
Yes, everyone knows I have such a Love for hair. But my Love for people is greater. I was trying to find the word beautiful in the bible, but what I kept coming across was beauty is vain. So I studied a bit more and came across, The Gate called Beautiful. The gate was in front of a temple and this lame man was brought there daily to ask for money. Peter saw him one day and told him Silver and Gold I have none, but what I do have I give to you. He told him to raise up and walk..he was healed. So what I get from this is, there is Healing at the Gate. So with that being said; I want to be apart of our Ladies as well as communities Healing process. Be it hair, eating healthy, self esteem for our young ladies(and old). Needing shelter, needing help with domestic violence etc. I may not be able to do it all, but I want to be able to refer them to the proper people or organizations. I may not be able to give them monies, but we can get them pointed in the right direction for there Healing. The definition of Beauty to me is.. A person that is humble but yet not walked on; a person that is meek but yet knows how to be heard; a person that is wise but knows how to make others feel comfortable in there own form of knowledge, Black; White; Male; Female; You; Me; Blessed. When all these things are in order, that Hot Hair; that well beat Face; and those perfectly styled Clothes are nothing but an Asset!!

Any thoughts on why fashion careers are the go to choices these days? Is it all smoke screens and wrong intentions?
It has become such a fad/trend to be in this industry. But if your in the industry for more than money, you will have staying power. These careers have such highs and lows. The key in this game is Making it a Lifestyle. Thinking of yourself as a lifestyle. Forever learning, staying current. Not being a cookie cutter, not mocking or copying some else’s work. I think of myself as a Lifestyle oppose to a Brand. To me, a Brand is one of many, and Brands tend to go out of style; a Lifestyle is a way of life and thinking. I always say “Opposed to being one of, strive to be the One”.

What does the future hold for you, you’re so established in the hair industry, what are you going to do with all that experience, skill and know how?
I’m established in Portland. I’m ready too move about a little. I’ve always wanted to do hair in Mercedes Benz Fashion week in NYC. I keep trying to get in here in Portland but I haven’t been successful that way!! I want to study hair and fashion in London/UK and Paris. But most importantly, I really want to work in the community with our Young women. I have so many things I’m ready to do, I just want so much as to be a Blessing to others.

Share one thing you wish people understood about being a hairdresser?
A lot of times we befriend and build relationships with the Ladies we see weekly/monthly. We are here for all of there needs, birthdays, weddings, births/deaths etc. So, a lot of times our Ladies forget this is our way of life, this is how we feed our families. In remembering that!!! You want your friends to have the best.. Please don’t take your stylist for granted, please pay the appropriate cost… Tip them sometimes, bring them lunch…or better yet..just come in with a smile after your service say Thank you. Let them know you appreciate them for all that they do.

How are you different, what sets you apart from other local hairdressers?
As I’ve stated earlier, I consider myself a lifestyle. I Value my craft. I LOVE what I do and each and every person that I meet. I see Beauty in each and every person I see. I try to make sure what I see radiates from the inside of that person..everyone else sees it when I am finished with them. There is something spectacular that happens when a woman or man’s hair is finished. It gives them life!! Their walk is different, they stand in front of the mirror a bit longer and the leave with such confidence. I Love what I do.

I end all interviews with this question but just because I ask doesn’t mean you have to answer, are you single?
Hmmmmmm…????? Ask me again by the time this article comes out!!!! Ahahaha..lol Note: Beautiful Black asked again and still didn’t get an answer:-)

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