Portland’s Kenneth Acker Signs with the 49ers! Using a Quill Pen!

For those of you who follow us on Facebook this may seem a bit redundant. But, CONGRATULATIONS ┬áto Portland’s Kenneth Acker! Kenneth is a former student of Grant High School where he graduated and attended Southern Methodist University, SMU. Get Into It! YAAASSSS!

Okay, so I won’t front. I don’t know much about football. I just know good news from a dedicated student and athlete. Portland’s own Kenneth Acker signed a four year rookie contract with the San Francisco 49ers and he did it in style! Homie used a quill pen, I live! At 22, Kenneth Acker finished his college career with 159 tackles, 29 passes defensed(what’s that?) and a bunch more football stuff. Send Kenneth your well wishes by following him on Twitter@Ack4rmDaTown and on Facebook.com/Kenneth Acker. Go Kenneth! Every Play, Every Day! (not sure what that means…)

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