Portland’s First Urban Model

When you hear the words “Urban Model” what comes to mind? For many, the term is associated with negative and demeaning connotations. I wonder why? Urban modeling is no different than other forms of modeling yet a double standard exists and it usually resides along racial lines. If a Black, well endowed female models for a magazine like Vibe it’s considered ratchet. On the other hand, when a white, flat female models for Vogue its editorial, avant-garde, fierce even. Give me a break! Whatever can be said of so called Urban Models can be said of other models. To me it’s simple, at its best, modeling should appeal to different tastes and varied standards of beauty and Urban Modeling does just that. I can not express how elated I am to finally have this discussion with an actual Urban Model. But not just any Urban Model, Portland’s very own Randi Stewart.

Hey Randi, How are you Lady?
I’m amazing just grinding and staying grounded and focused

How does it feel to be Portland’s first break out/ up and coming Urban Model?
It feels amazing and I’m very blessed because alot of people sleep on Portland. I’m showing people through hard work and dedication it can be done and there are talented people in Portland

What exactly is an Urban Model?
…Eye candy, curvy, tasteful and sexy!

One of the reasons the staff at Beautiful Black wants to interview you is to explore the ridiculous double standard when it comes to Urban Models verses any other type of model. Do you see this? And what’s the difference between an Urban Model and a High Fashion Model? (besides the obvious, one eats and the other one doesn’t :-))
Urban modeling doesn’t really have rules when it comes to weight, so long as you’re curvy in the right places. Urban modeling caters to women who dream of becoming a model but can’t due to them not being 5’11 and 110 pounds. Because of Urban modeling, they can now make their dreams a reality. High fashion caters to tall very thin women and looks really don’t matter because their job is to sell brands and Urban modeling show cases the body.

model 2

Do you care to let folks know the type of work you’ve done and some of the people you’ve worked with? By the way, congratulations on your first cover! Tell folks about that!
Omgggggg thanks so muchhhhhh 🙂 I’ll keep it short and sweet but I’ve worked with over 25 top magazines, been in a few TV shows, hosted celeb events, been on a book cover and now focused on doing fitness modeling. I think the fitness modeling world could use a fresh face from Portland, Or 😉

Randi I have to ask this, booty shots are a popular pose in Urban modeling, why? What’s up with that?
Booty shots are very popular because this generation looks up to everything they see on TV!  These stars got people thinking they have to be perfect or your not going to be accepted and its sad because I’m a true believer that everyone’s beautiful in their own skin.

What is the one stereotype about Urban Models that get on your nerves? And, what is one thing you think folks should know about Urban Models?
It gets on my nerves that people think urban models can only do sexy modeling for like black mens magazines or music videos. They don’t get booked too much for fashion and alot of the urban models have to work extra hard to show what they have. I wish they were given a chance to show themselves.

Ultimately, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Let folks know all the other things you do besides Urban Modeling…
I would like to have my brand off the ground and be doing some behind the scenes projects. I write music, act, and design.

Yo Randi,  you single?
I’m currently in a relationship 🙂

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