The Average Black Man: Kenny Warren

KdubbIf you know anything about Kenny Warren affectionately known as kdubb you know he is brash, quick witted, possesses a very unconventional approach to verbal expression, straight forward and has no problem speaking his mind. If you know Kenny you also know back in the day if you saw a cat rockin’ a brick wall, monogram, or Jumpman hair cut, it was the work of none other than kdubb. His hair cuts are immaculate. He has impeccable design, symmetry and a barbershop conversation you simply will not find anywhere else. When Kenny moved to NY, he packed more than clothes and a toothbrush. He took all of his moxy and hair styling ability. During the day he works as one of the best barbers in Manhattan. Don’t believe me? Ask Sassy from Black Ink and a host of others. At night he trades his razor for a microphone as he debuts his comedic show The Average Black Man to comedy clubs all over NY. He even performed at world famous Carolines comedy club. Kenny is definitely doing his thing. But more importantly, he’s still Kenny.

Hello Kenny, How are you?
Fine thanks, just grinding.

You are really making a name for yourself in the Big Apple! I’ll come back to that in a minute. I would like to start by asking, Why did you leave Portland?
I needed a change of environment. I was doing promotions in Portland and it was becoming difficult due to altercations.

Do you think you’ll ever move back to Portland?
Never say never.

Getting back to making a name for yourself, in addition to being a successful barber you can now add up and coming comedian to your resume, what’s up with that? How did you get into comedy? Did you choose it or did it choose you?
It chose me. I was hosting Mitchell S. Jackson’s book readings, and a comedian who came to hear one of his friends read asked me if I was interested in comedy, so he invited me to an open mic and I started going and never stopped.

Do you think you could have achieved the same level of success in Portland, why or why not?
Maybe, but it was good to jump in the ocean with the sharks. It really makes you learn to swim.

Kenny, I must ask you this, how do you know you’re funny? Is being funny something you can learn or does it come natural? Think back to the first time you delivered your routine to a live audience, what gave you the confidence to get on stage? How were you received?
I played basketball growing up and I was a fierce competitor. A champion. I try to take the same approach as I did before a game when I was performed for the first time…June 13th, 2012. It was a crazy experience. The energy of the room kept me going. Now I can’t wait to get on stage a year and a half later.

Finish this sentence, “You know you have a problem when…
Everyone says you’re wrong but you still think you’re right. You gotta figure out how to let them all know they’re stupid at once.

What’s the one thing Portland has that NY can not replace? Is there anything else you would like to say, anything you want people to know?
Portland has the laid back environment. Not too much hustle and bustle. People don’t bump into[you] all day and people are polite. Oh, and the backyards and basements baby!

Are you single?
Hell no! Only during my set. “Thoughtful bachelor” check it: