At different times and varied reasons four Portlanders decide to pack their bags, move to New York and have yet to look back. They are eager, focused, determined and hungry! So hungry, they take a big ole bite out of The Big Apple and spit out GREATNESS! Continue Reading →

Do you want to be Student of the Month? Would you like to nominate someone for Student of the Month? Do you like school? Does school get on your nerves? What would you do with $50? Answer these questions and you could be the next Student of the Month. You must live in Portland to enter this contest. Be sure to enter between the 1st and 15th of every month.

Cher’e Nichole is a triple threat — beautiful, smart, and a direct descendant of the Brame legacy.
During the 1940’s, Cher’e’s grandfather, the late Herman Brame Sr., settled in what was known as Vanport. Continue Reading →

Honestly? I don’t know where to start. Rupert Kinnard makes you question your purpose and what exactly it is you’re doing with your life because he is doing so much with his.

Mr. Kinnard is a creator. What follows is a mere sampling of his resume and snippet of his life’s experiences, Continue Reading →

Approximately 80% of all women, not just Black women but ALL women worldwide, have fibroids. Fibroids are benign, non-cancerous tumors that grow in the womb or uterus of a woman’s body.

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES:   Continue Reading →

She’s like a plate of your favorite home-cooked meal, served pipin’ hot — good, satisfying and leaves you anticipating more. And when she steps on stage, you know to buckle up and get ready because it’s going to be a ride! Continue Reading →

Back in the day, a group of young men descended on Portland and took the Hip Hop radio scene ova!

It was the late 90’s and Portland was poppin’ … this was back in the days of Balzers, Portland’s version of Love Jones, and former Trail Blazer Rasheed Wallace. Continue Reading →

Jamila Clarke is an accomplished jewelry designer, incredible photographer and a punk! A steampunk. Like most people, you probably aren’t familiar with steampunk, despite its growing popularity. Continue Reading →

Lupe Fiasco visited Portland to promote his latest album Tetsou and Youth. For this project he returns to his ratchet roots, his words not mine, and leaves behind his political commentary and social awareness for which he is known. Continue Reading →

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