Who would think a Butterfly could do so much? Afterall, she’s a social change activist, motivational speaker, spoken word artist and an event host/promoter. She mentors young folks; single mothers and runs a theater troupe for youth. In her spare time, she authored Black Girl Can I Comb Your Hair?, released her first CD, Collide-A-Scope and single handedly keeps Portland’s open mic scene alive and relevant and has done so for YEARS. There’s only one Butterfly who can do all of that: Darlene Solomon-Rogers aka Blacque Butterfly. Continue Reading →


We partnered with THE AMAZING Jewelry Designer Jamila Clarke for this one. Jamila is crafting a custom piece as a part of our Black Mother’s Day Giveaway! TELL US WHY YOU LOVE YOUR MOTHER SO. You could be the recipient of some pretty dope stuff for you and yo’ momma! SEND ENTRIES TO info@BeautifulBlackPortland.com
Deadline is the last day in April. Winner to be announced on the 1st of May.


To everyone who thinks Mimi makes ALL Black women look bad I gotta question, Do Donna Brazile, Esperanza Spalding, Chrisette Michele, Angela Bassett, Michelle Obama, Julianne Malveaux, Solange, Ya Ya Dacosta, Gaby Douglas, and so many more, make ALL Black women look good? If so, can we please change the narrative, like now?! Freedom starts with the mind, stopping believing the hype.  But, this isn’t about Mimi. This is about Nikko and the lies we tell little boys who grow into men and more. Continue Reading →

The beautiful and historic Aladdin Theater nestled in Portland’s Brooklyn neighborhood will never be the same. The semi-packed Aladdin welcomed Charlie Murphy on a recent comedic stop on his Acid Trip Tour. Charlie, the older sibling to Eddie Murphy, is no stranger to comedy. He’s appeared in shows like Dave Chappell and Coming to America. He starred in his first film at the age of nine and today adds actor, writer and producer to his credits. Continue Reading →

The Portland Trailblazers aren’t the only thing you should be paying attention to in the NBA playoffs. Portland’s own T-N-T is bringing major heat! Terrence Ross and Terrence Jones aka T-N-T, attended Jefferson High School, played basketball and are now contenders in the 2014 NBA playoffs. Terrence Ross is doing it for the Toronto Raptors while Terrence Jones is bringing it to the Houston Rockets. Continue Reading →

Sharon Maxwell has nerve! Nobody told her to cast a line into the river of Portland politics in an uphill stream attempt of hooking the Big Fish (incumbent Nick Fish) but she does anyway! And we’re glad she did. If elected, Maxwell inherits a water bureau in crisis and with the proposal of an independent water district, things probably won’t settle down for a while. Continue Reading →

This dude here has a bird’s eye view into Portland’s political scene and issues. How? For the past several years as host of Oregon Voter’s Digest, he’s either sparked or continued much needed public discourse on issues that effect us all. One of his strengths may likely be one of his biggest distractions, he isn’t afraid of controversy. What a noble albeit dying quality in today’s leadership.

Depending on the circle you’re in, Kelvin Hall is either well known or not known at all. Of the four candidates running for Multnomah County Commissioner district 2, perhaps Kelvin Hall is the least recognized despite his years of political and community involvement. Continue Reading →

Compared to her opponents, Teressa Raiford has two things going for her, she has one of the most recognized names and she knows first hand what’s going on out here in these streets! In other words, Teressa Raiford is so in touch and in tune with the working class some refer to her as being Too Hood. Let’s examine this if only for the moment. Continue Reading →

Commissioner Loretta Smith knows the definition of underdog, she used to be one. In 2010, Commissioner Smith was given a mere 7% chance of winning her first race for County Commissioner Seat #2. Smith surpassed all and kicked some major political butt! In addition, her then opponents are now among her biggest supporters heading into her bid for a second term election. Continue Reading →

Congratulations to CoCo! Beautiful Black’s Student of the Month for April 2014!

Do you want to be Student of the Month? Would you like to nominate someone for Student of the Month? Do you like school? Does school get on your nerves? What would you do with $50? Answer these questions and you could be the next Student of the Month. You must live in Portland and be in grades Kindergarten—High School to enter this contest. Be sure to enter between the 1st and 15th of every month.

Let’s keep it 100. Unless it’s same sex, these days marriage just isn’t a big deal. Although the purpose of this think piece is not to advocate marriage, I can’ t help but wonder if you’re living like you’re married why not just get married?! I digress. Continue Reading →

Zine   /rhymes with mean/ : A small, noncommercial, independent, handmade or internet publication typically with focused content dedicated to a specific topic, issue or opinion. Continue Reading →

Beenie Man Cometh! Monday April 7th, 2014 beginning at 8pm at the TAO Event Center, 631 NE Grand Ave. Get tickets at The Caribbean Spice Market, 4526 NE 42nd as well as online. Tickets are $30. Got Questions? Call 503 915 8335. Continue Reading →

On October 6th, 2009 the subject line on the listservs of The Oregon Assembly of Black Affairs and GetInvolvedWithJeffSchools read, “Black Student in Serious Need.” The email states, This Fall a Black, male student/athlete left Portland to attend college on a full ride academic scholarship at a prestigious  university on the East coast. Continue Reading →

When you hear the words “Urban Model” what comes to mind? For many, the term is associated with negative and demeaning connotations. I wonder why? Urban modeling is no different than other forms of modeling yet a double standard exists and it usually resides along racial lines. Continue Reading →

Yep. He’s gay. Nah. He ain’t transgendered. Eh. He don’t care if you refer to him as he or she. It don’t matter. The self proclaimed Queen of New Orleans Bounce came through and shut Portland down. He is the only person to have a Twerking record, yes, a Twerking record, in the Guinness Book of World Records. Continue Reading →

Looking at this picture you would think she’s a star. A rock star? Fashion star? Maybe even a movie star? She is a star but probably not the type of star you’re thinking. She’s a literacy star changing discouraging illiteracy rates one book and one child at a time. Continue Reading →

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