Lupe! Definitely Not A Fiasco!

Lupe Fiasco visited Portland to promote his latest album Tetsou and Youth. For this project he returns to his ratchet roots, his words not mine, and leaves behind his political commentary and social awareness for which he is known.


 Needless to say, the concert was off the hook! BeautifulBlack sends a big shout out to Lupe’s team for hooking us up and for being so damn cool. The night was banana’s…

Okay, I admit it. This is my first experience at a Lupe Fiasco concert. He made a recent stop in Portland performing at the Roseland Theater promoting his latest album Tetsou and Youth. And like a child on the first day of school I have some prior knowledge but I don’t really know what to expect.Sure, I know the A, B,C’s and 1, 2, 3’s of Lupe Fiasco. I know he’s from Chicago, enjoys photography and has four Black belts. He’s socially conscious, isn’t afraid to share his political views and his song about skateboarding really put him on the map. The stage is Black, music plays as an anticipating crowd waits. Then it happens…

Lupe is dope! I was feigning from the time he steps on the stage and drops the first hit, Lamborghini Angles. I ride the Lupe high all night as he delivers hit after hit! If you’ve never experienced Lupe live or even if you have, here’s a list of why the next time Lupe visits Portland you should go,

1. Welcome to Lupe’s World

Have you ever attended a concert only to be reminded of how vastly different your life is from the artist? I mean, you have a good time and all, but you never really connect with the artist? Lupe has that rare thing many artists strive for but few achieve. He invites you in, offers all he has and makes you feel good until it’s time to go. You leave a Lupe concert feeling like you know him, like somehow your closer to Lupe. You don’t rock AT a Lupe Concert, You rock WITH Lupe, trust me there’s a difference.

2. Lupe is a puzzle

Lupe is like a puzzle, kinda hard to figure out but fun trying to put together. Here’s the deal. The complexity of Lupe is he really isn’t that complex. Unlike a lot of rappers, Lupe is a wordsmith, lyricist and poet. Despite the maneuvering of metaphors and similes, he’s intelligence is accessible. Here’s what I mean. His song CRACK featuring Chris Brown (go figure) is actually about smoking crack. Likewise, his song Kick, Push is simply about riding a skateboard. What makes Lupe complex is his approach, perspective and courage. Like, why would anybody make an entire song about actually smoking crack? While you ponder that, I failed to mention all night the beats were bangin’, lights were flashing, and Lupe gets it in while a huge jumbotron flashes one image after another. I didn’t know to focus on the music, images, lyrics or all of the above. Somehow it all comes together in one of the most stimulating mental trips I’ve been on in a while…

3. He Gives It Up!

Lupe does not stop. He don’t quit, from the second he hits the stage to the second he leaves he’s like the UPS man, he delivers. All night even when the tempo takes a break for songs like Old School Love, the energy never ends. Lupe obviously knows his audience and like a waiter he serves delivering all the crowd pleasers. He gives and gives and gives and right when I think he can’t possibly give any more, he injects me with Drizzy’s Law…

4. Drizzy’s Law

Damn! This song right here?! There are three things you should know about Drizzy’s Law. 1.) It’s named after Drake. 2.) Honestly? I would go to a Lupe concert just to see him perform this song. 3.) This song is for the ladies. Ladies, when was the last time you were swooned? As a precursor for what’s to come, Lupe tells the men to take some steps back while simultaneously women step forward. And then it happens, the most incredible rap love ballot to flow through my ears since L.L Cool J’s “I Need Love.” The hardcore bass is softened by smooth sexy melodies stimulating chakras I didn’t know I had. Next, the hook drops, “I just wanna be here alone, alone with you. Tell me how do you feel.” Just when I didn’t think it could get any better. Lupe looks directly at BeautifulBlackPortland’s staff and swoons us off our feet. Don’t believe me? Check this out:


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