Guilty or The Victim of a Woman Scorned?

These situations are hard. You have an ex-cop, a former wife and a trail of accusations. Recently, Chris Warren was found guilty of Welfare fraud and sentenced to 10 days in jail. He now awaits trial for child rape allegations. His attorney Ernest Warren Jr. says his client is innocent and his former wife is to blame for his legal drama. It isn’t uncommon for attorneys to appeal to the public in favor of their clients. However, Attorney Warren takes it a bit further. He writes an open letter where he not only declares his client’s innocence, he asks you to help pay for his defense. The original letter can be found at Be Told Greetings: The Bible says: The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful. Proverbs 12:22 Folks, anyone who truly knows Christopher Warren knows that he is the victim of “lying lips.” Also, you know he is a “truthful” man. In May of 2013, Chris has been the target of a campaign by powerful and wicked people to have him removed from law enforcement. These wicked people use untruthful leaks to the news media to try to gain momentum for their evil plan, but the problem is their star witness is a liar and a cheat with a long history of abusing others. Their star witness is Dina Sanchez, and there is no way to rehabilitate their lies and deception once the truth of who Dina Sanchez is comes to light. . Dina Sanchez has been married four times and has seven children. Dina currently has no relationship with her three older children who were abused by her for many years. For those of you who do not know her, Dina Sanchez is Chris’s bitter ex-wife. Everyone who knows her knows of her character for untruthfulness and her propensity to fabricate lies in order to hurt others. The reason she is lying against Chris is twofold: she is bitter that she lost custody of the children in the divorce proceedings (even her own son from her second marriage lives with Chris rather than with Sanchez because she is abusive). Secondly, Sanchez is presently enraged because Chris is engaged to be married soon. So to stop the marriage and regain custody of the children, Dina has joined forces with the devil to have Chris accused and convicted of false accusations in both Clark County and Washington County, Her only problem is that when her “lying lips” are exposed, the truth shall free Chris of these short lived and unfounded false allegations that have been brought in the news media rather than the courts of law. When Sanchez’s fabrications are exposed, the powerful and wicked people behind her shall also be brought to light and exposed too. Fortunately, Chris’s sisters and brothers in the law enforcement union know he is innocent and know his innocent character. Unfortunately, evil managerial bureaucrats, on corrupt legal advice, want Chris silenced and removed even though he has did no wrong and is falsely accused of crimes. They know it is expensive to defend oneself against false allegations in criminal court. In fact, 95% or more of people accused of crimes can not afford to retain a private lawyer. Chris has the additional problem that he can not qualify for a public defender either. He would also be incapable of retaining a private defense team too if he could not count on your help. Please give to help Chris mount a defense, win all the false allegations at trial, and restore his good name and standing in the law enforcement community. For example, after the false allegations of child rape came out, lead by the manipulation of the truth by Sanchez, her second husband, Calvin Armstead, in Idaho sent detectives over two hundred pages of documents demonstrating Sanchez’s character to fabricate lies. Also, Sanchez’s First Husband contacted Calvin Armstead because he wanted to get in touch with Chris to expose her propensities to lie and fabricate untruthful allegations to hurt him, but these wicked people refuse to allow the truth about Sanchez to be leaked into the news media so that the truth can be told. Accordingly, Chris needs your help. By your giving funds to help him hire private investigators, experts and attorneys to gather evidence and locate witnesses for trial, so that the truth of his innocence prevails. Please help Chris fight to prove his innocence in the face of all these false allegations and to restore his good name in the community, but also in the law enforcement community. Please send checks to:838 SW 1st Ave, Suite 500, Portland OR 97204 or donate Via PayPal. Sincerely, Ernest Warren, Jr. Attorney at Law. LEGAL SOLICITATION

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