Charlie Murphy is Trippin!

The beautiful and historic Aladdin Theater nestled in Portland’s Brooklyn neighborhood will never be the same. The semi-packed Aladdin welcomed Charlie Murphy on a recent comedic stop on his Acid Trip Tour. Charlie, the older sibling to Eddie Murphy, is no stranger to comedy. He’s appeared in shows like Dave Chappell and Coming to America. He starred in his first film at the age of nine and today adds actor, writer and producer to his credits.
Murphy stopped by the Aladdin to an eager crowd and devoted fans. The show opened with the rather straight forward and weed-loving comedian Freeze Love. Love delivers. His biggest response came when he explained no matter where he goes in the world, marijuana is a universal language, including right here in Oregon.

The darkness began to spread when Murphy enters the stage. Dressed in all Black everything, the jubilant crowd is ready. According to Murphy, a long time ago he succumbs to peer pressure and tries Acid. The funny thing about Acid is if you take it one time it can revisit you. Like, you don’t know if you’re actually where you think you are or if you’re butt naked in the county jail! “Is it all really happening…” is the theme for the night. After all, you never know if it’s Murphy or the ghost of Acid paying him a visit. At times I think it’s the ghost of Acid. How else can you take a serious situation like Hurricane Sandy and transform it into the comedic trials of being a single father with no authority? Murphy takes Alice in Wonderland and twists it into a crowd pleasing joke about race or lack thereof…
In short, Charlie Murphy did not disappoint. In fact, when the show was over he took time to come out and greet his fans. He even allowed one fan a bit short on money to purchase his shirts at a discounted price.

The night was a success. The only angst I heard against Murphy is his over use of the N-word…

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