Black Storytime, Anyone?

Black Storytime, Anyone?
You may or may not know that Multnomah County Library offers Black Storytime for Black children and their families at select locations. And why not? Many people have no idea how difficult it is to find books, movies, magazines, events, social settings, teachers, doctors, dentists, schools, etc. that affirm the Black child.

Many  movies, books, events(especially here in Portland) schools, social settings, etc. are geared and catered to a white audience. Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a children’s movie featuring an all Black cast  of young actors and actresses? Will the recent national cry to add “diversity” to children’s literature lead to real change? The next time you watch a commercial, sitcom, or whatever for children, we challenge you to pay attention to obvious omissions of Black children. Sure, since the first family is Black there is a spike in advertisements showing Black folks doing normal things as millions of Black families do everyday. But what happens when Obama is no longer in office and the trend fades? Then what?

According to the library’s website, children ranging in age from Birth to 6 years are immersed in African and African American experiences through books, stories, songs and movement activities. Interested?

Black Storytime is offered every Saturday and Wednesday of the week. The schedule is as follows,
Black Storytime @ North Portland branch (on Killinsgworth next to Jefferson High school) 10:30am

Black Storytime @ Midland branch (on 122nd a few blocks S of Stark) 11:30am

It’s rumored Black Storytime may be coming to Kenton and other branches throughout the county.

  • Lisa

    Black story time is on at Kenton! My sons and I have been the only ones there. Please come! 2:00 Sundays.

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