Big Freedia The Queen Diva

Yep. He’s gay. Nah. He ain’t transgendered. Eh. He don’t care if you refer to him as he or she. It don’t matter. The self proclaimed Queen of New Orleans Bounce came through and shut Portland down. He is the only person to have a Twerking record, yes, a Twerking record, in the Guinness Book of World Records. He has his own reality show on Fuse T.V. His name is Freedia, pronounced Free-dah. He single-handedly is spreading New Orleans realness all over the world. His popularity continues to grow and Portland can’t seem to get enough.

She wobble, wobble.

She bang, bang.

Big Freedia came through and did his thang! Yaaaaasss!

Watching Big Freedia step on stage is like watching a cub turn into a lion. With his booming voice and undeniable ability to connect to a crowd, Big Freedia serves down home New Orleans jubilee realness! The Queen Diva gets it poppin’ with his hit single, Na Who Mad. It’s on. The crowd goes crazy and demands more, more of that strong southern accented voice but even more of the choreographed twerking acrobatics of his Shake Team. One second you’re standing in the mostly packed room of Portland’s lovely Doug Fir Lounge, the next you’d swear you were in New Orleans on Bourbon street. It’s that serious and it’s that kind of party. Who knew, the interior architectural integrity of the Doug Fir serves a perfect background for the twerking frenzy that ensues.

At one point, Freedia and the Shake Team take over. They twerk over every inch of the concert hall leaving no place untouched. When I say they twerked, I mean they twerked in the old school meaning of this newly “defined” dance genre. The real twerk, not the mess a certain child star turned pop singer is now famous for.

The night dances on, Big Freedia evokes true southern call and response tradition, “I Got Some Gin In My System!” This is nothing more than a test separating real Freedia fans from the wannabes. You see, real fans know the response and don’t mind sharing, “Somebody Gon’ Be My Victim!” At this point the crowd is bonkers! The party, not concert but party, goes on and The Queen Diva serves exactly what the crowd wants to hear. He continues to stroke the crowd until it reaches a climax when the first bar of the hit single Peanut Butter drops. It’s a wrap and what happens next can only be described as a sort of twerking orgy as the mostly white crowd attempts to go ham, off beat but loving it. This is the magic of a Freedia party and the man. Freedia literally connects people all over the world one twerk, one party, at a time. He doesn’t care if your on beat, just join the party.

In case you missed Freedia the past several times he visited Portland, The Queen Diva returns Tuesday April 1st, 2014 at the Mississippi Studios.

  • sonia morales

    LOVE!!!! J’adore J’adore J’adore!!!!

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