Ask YOURself, Why Aren’t YOU Angry?
Lulu Stroud aka BlackParentSpeaks, is a longstanding Portland native. After graduating high school, Ms. Stroud accepts a job in Washington, D.C as Secretary of the Comptroller at the Agency for International Development. Upon her arrival and discovery that Ms. Stroud is Black, the job offer is rescinded.

Ms. Stroud remains in D.C. She works for Senator Stephen Young of Ohio, the Citizens Advocate Center, The Neighborhood Development Youth Program and the original D.C based Black United Front. Ms. Stroud was intimately involved in the Black Movement of the 60’s and 70’s. In addition, she was secretary to Stokley “Black Power” Carmichael.

Lucky for us, Ms. Stroud partners with her daughter Tova to share firsthand experiences of racism and more on their blog They take the stereotype of angry Black women and turns it on its head. Ms. Stroud is candid and open as she retells personal and intimate accounts of racism right here in Portland and beyond. She tells of her time on Capitol Hill working in the Old Senate Office Building during the height of the Black Movement.

Be sure to check out Ms. Stroud’s blog, She even has an ebay story replete with educational materials for adults and children. Be sure to stop by her store,,  but before you do you may want to ask YOUrself, Why Aren’t YOU Angry?

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