Ask YOURself, Why Aren’t YOU Angry?
Lulu Stroud aka BlackParentSpeaks, is a longstanding Portland native. After graduating high school, Ms. Stroud accepts a job in Washington, D.C as Secretary of the Comptroller at the Agency for International Development. Upon her arrival and discovery that Ms. Stroud is Black, the job offer is rescinded. Continue Reading →

Black Storytime, Anyone?
You may or may not know that Multnomah County Library offers Black Storytime for Black children and their families at select locations. And why not? Many people have no idea how difficult it is to find books, movies, magazines, events, social settings, teachers, doctors, dentists, schools, etc. that affirm the Black child. Continue Reading →

Summer ain’t here yet but it is fast on it’s way! Beautiful Black LOVES the foods of summer. The salads, fruits, neat summery recipes… Sigh, we just love it! with summer comes the much beloved Farmers Markets (capital F, capital M to emphasize our admiration). Continue Reading →

Adrian Adel is dope!
She’s one of the most prolific photographers in Portland and she does it all. She’s an image stylist and creates outstanding custom graphics and illustrations. In addition, she designs everything from albums to websites, blogs, printed and digital media, photo and video shoots etc. and so forth. Be sure to visit Adrian at Get Into It! Continue Reading →

David Walker is one of those people you can’t help but wonder what he was like as a child. There are a few things I know. He read lots and lots of comic books, books in general, and watched just about as many movies. It was during this time that The Island of Dr. Moreau captured his imagination and doesn’t seem to have let it go! Continue Reading →

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome to Chicago Steppin’. I warn you, this is much more than just a mere dance. Chicago steppin’ is an invitation. It is a seduction. It is a challenge. It is a chance for ladies to truly be ladies and for men to be gentle…men? It’s vulnerable. It’s strength. It’s communication. It’s a choreographed dalliance (watch out!) It’s a strut with pomposity. Continue Reading →

Portland Black Pride is poppin’! As an affiliate of other Pride organizations across the country and internationally, Portland’s Black Pride, PBP, celebrates the achievements of Black members in the LGBTQ community. I don’t know about other Black Prides but Portland is doing it and doing it well, okay? Continue Reading →

The word is spreading through Portland like flesh eating locusts with devastating effect, Ms. Janice Scroggins has given up the ghost leaving mourners grieving the woman and her legacy. Janice gave so much of herself and her talent, she performed everywhere and with everybody. Continue Reading →

UPDATE: Commissioner Smith’s amendment passed! 1million dollars is added to the budget. Way to go Commissioner Smith!  First and Foremost, Congratulations to Commissioner Loretta Smith on her Second Term victory for Multnomah County Commissioner Seat 2!  Continue Reading →

When was the last time you drove down the street and saw a Black, woman construction worker? When was the last time you drove down the street saw a Black, woman construction worker and wondered about her, her life, her likes, dislikes? Her family, desires and triumphs? Well, wonder no more!  Continue Reading →

For those of you who follow us on Facebook this may seem a bit redundant. But, CONGRATULATIONS  to Portland’s Kenneth Acker! Kenneth is a former student of Grant High School where he graduated and attended Southern Methodist University, SMU. Get Into It! YAAASSSS! Continue Reading →

These situations are hard. You have an ex-cop, a former wife and a trail of accusations. Recently, Chris Warren was found guilty of Welfare fraud and sentenced to 10 days in jail. He now awaits trial for child rape allegations. His attorney Ernest Warren Jr. says his client is innocent and his former wife is to blame for his legal drama. It isn’t uncommon for attorneys to appeal to the public in favor of their clients. Continue Reading →

For the past 20+ years, Professor James S. Harrison has been one of the most influential people in Portland. Yet, unless you know him, you’ve probably never heard his name. Professor Harrison is a hero, a scholar, stalwart and an agent of change. He’s cool without trying. In the mid to late 80’s Professor Harrison did something that forever changed the life of one lady in particular. Continue Reading →

Note: A few things have changed since we interviewed Hannah Eko. (Ya’ll gotta remember, we’ve been working on since 2011. We finally launched March 1st, 2014.) First, she no longer resides in Portland. Second, She is now in a relationship. Third, she blogs at
Here’s Hannah!  Continue Reading →

Finally, Portland has a First Friday event of its own and you have Omarr Johnson to thank. It goes down every First Friday of the month at the Trio Club located at 909 E. Burnside between the hours of 5:30 and 9:30pm. It’s a good end of the week wind down, a way to relax, fluff your afro out and just “enjoy good people.” Continue Reading →

Jerry Mcgill lives in Portland, now. But he remembers what life was like as a 13 year old boy growing up in New York. One New Year’s eve night, while walking home after staying at a friend’s home a little too late, a gunshot pierced his back leaving Jerry paralyzed, quadriplegic and in a wheelchair. His assailant is unknown and was never caught. Continue Reading →

Quite arguably, Trina McCray very well could be the best hairdresser in the City of Portland, can we say that? Trina’s skills stand out from all the rest and she does it all; weaves, hair extensions, NATURAL HAIR, permed hair, hair maintenance/growth, cut, color, the list goes on. Continue Reading →

If you missed Portland’s first August Wilson Monologue Competition, you missed one of the greatest performances I’ve seen in Portland in a long time. A packed out Gerding Theater played host to this much anticipated event. The who’s who of Portland Black theater was out in full force, a liitle bit of everybody were there. Continue Reading →

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